G’day guys, my name is Reedy Kewlus and I’m passionate about Vlogging, Kitesurfing and riding on the Onewheel. I’m also into Martial Arts and fighter DIY, like home-made punching bags. Subscribe to my Youtube channel and receive a weekly VLOG where I tell interesting stories about my weekly adventures. 


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Fighter Training DIY Book

Just Make It!

Thousands of people can’t be wrong… “I give that a 20 out of 10” Rikchal Sherchan; “man what a genius… such a great idea, such a great set-up” Eren; “this is genius” Alejandro Andretti; and the list goes on and on!

So I just had to publish this – a fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions manual on making your own fighter training equipment, including:

  • Outdoor punching bag stand and suspension training platform – Total Stand;
  • Outdoor punching bag made from old tires;
  • Indoor punching bag made from PVA pipes and a ball
  • Boxing gloves made from flip-flops

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